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Gami Gedara


Gami Gedara is a beloved Sri Lankan restaurant in Bandarawela, blending modern and traditional flavors for over 12 years.

Problem & Requirement

When Gami Gedara reached out to us, they faced a two-fold challenge.

First, they needed a new logo because their previous one was overly complex and not memorable. Secondly, they faced the problem of not having an online platform to showcase their menu, which many customers were requesting. They required a logo and branding style that seamlessly merged traditional, modern, and luxurious elements for an appealing identity.

To meet these needs, we were tasked with creating a simple yet striking logo and developing a user-friendly website that not only displayed their menu but also enabled online meal orders for the convenience of their customers.

Here’s the previous logo:

Logo & Branding Design

Our journey with Gami Gedara began with the creation of a modern yet minimalistic logo.

We carefully selected colors that encapsulated the essence of modernity, luxury, and tradition. Presenting several logo sketches, we collaborated with the client to choose the perfect one, which we then developed to perfection. Subsequently, we extended our design expertise to create a comprehensive branding package, including business cards, meal package designs, apparel designs, and more. Each element was thoughtfully crafted to reflect Gami Gedara’s unique blend of modern sophistication and traditional charm, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity.

Website Design

To address Gami Gedara’s online menu and ordering needs, we embarked on a web development journey.

Our mission was to create a responsive website that seamlessly adapted to any device screen. Our development process prioritized smooth functionality and accessibility, ensuring that Gami Gedara’s customers could enjoy a hassle-free online experience while savoring their delicious meals.


“ I highly recommend Hyke Global for their exceptional product design and branding services. Sameera Lakshan and his team effortlessly captured our brand’s essence, creating a captivating logo and brand identity. Their expertise extended to crafting a stunning website, and their unwavering support left us fully satisfied with the entire process. Trust Hyke Global to elevate your brand to new heights with their unmatched creativity and professionalism. ”

Rukman Perera

Founder - Gami Gedara Restaurant Bandarawela

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