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Cleaning & Property Company

Dazzling is a premier cleaning company in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in a wide range of services for homes, institutions, and businesses.

Problem & Requirement

Dazzling came to us with a logo challenge: their existing logo lacked appeal and was overly intricate.

They wanted something simpler, bold, impactful, and easy to remember,  a logo that would truly represent their values of trust, exclusivity, and excellence. Our mission was to create a logo that radiated their core values and made a strong, lasting impression.

Here’s the old logo

Concepting & Sketching

To create the Dazzling logo, we began with research into the cleaning industry and its branding trends. we also considered the company’s values and mission statement. After several rounds of sketching and ideation, we decided on a star symbol as the main element of the logo.

Brand Colors

The Logo Story

The Dazzling logo tells the story of a cleaning company that shines bright like a star, providing trust, exclusivity, and top-quality service to its customers. The logo’s five-pointed star represents the five-star service that the company provides, promising a top-notch experience to its customers.

The blue color of the logo represents the clarity and transparency of the company’s operations, as well as its professionalism and reliability.

Overall, the Dazzling logo is a symbol of excellence and professionalism, standing out from the competition and promising a dazzling experience to everyone who chooses its services.

The final Dazzling logo is simple and bold, standing out from the competition and representing the company’s values and mission. The logo is versatile and adaptable, working well on different marketing materials, including business cards, websites, and social media platforms.


“ I had the pleasure of working with Sameera and the HYKE team to revamp our cleaning company’s brand identity, and I must say they exceeded all expectations. Their expertise and creative vision helped us stand out in the competitive Melbourne market. From the initial consultation to the final design, their support was exceptional every step of the way. They understood our goals and translated them into a visually stunning and captivating brand identity that truly represents our company’s values. I highly recommend Sameera and the HYKE team at Dazzling. ”

Tharindu Gajanayaka

Founder - Dazzling

Enough talk,
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