ChePlan Web App UX/UI Revamp

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Event management platform

ChePlan is an online event management platform based in Milan Italy, which creates memorable experiences with Italian finesse.

Problem & Requirement

ChePlan approached us with a challenge: to transform their event management web app’s outdated and frustrating design. They sought a stunning and elegant UI to replace the old, improving user experience significantly.

A complete overhaul of their event management web app’s user interface. The existing design posed usability issues, hindering user experience. Our task was to craft a visually captivating and elegant UI that not only addressed the previous problems but also showcased the company’s commitment to seamless event planning. Through thoughtful design choices, we aimed to elevate user engagement and streamline the entire event management process.

Curious about the starting point? Take a look at what we had to redesign.

Concepting & Wireframing

Our journey began by meticulously analyzing the existing design in collaboration with the client and lead developer.

Through this collective effort, we identified pain points and shortcomings that had hindered user satisfaction. Armed with these insights, we embarked on the concepting and wireframing phase. By translating our understanding into structured wireframes, we shaped the blueprint for a rejuvenated solution that addressed the identified issues head-on. This process laid the foundation for a revitalized user experience that would elevate ChePlan’s event management platform to new heights of usability and elegance.

Visual Design

Following the wireframing, we embarked on the exciting journey of adding style and beauty to the ChePlan web app.

Our team infused visual charm into every corner, crafting designs that are not only eye-catching but also easy to use. We carefully combined captivating elements with practical layouts, ensuring that users not only love what they see but also find it effortless to navigate.

In collaboration with ChePlan, we breathed new life into their event management platform. From redesigning the UI to enhancing user experience, our partnership resulted in an elegant and efficient solution that sets the stage for seamless event planning.

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